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In Western New York, the co-founders of Better Together Pet Resource Center have seen
beloved pets regularly surrendered to animal shelters and rescue groups. Oftentimes, the reason is because the owner cannot afford treatment of a pet's medical problem, grooming, training classes,
or emergency boarding. Another reason for surrender is when an owner cannot access
pet-friendly housing. When this happens, the bond between animal and person/family is severed and all involved endure heartbreaking consequences.

Better Together Pet Resource Center prevents this trauma through impactful advocacy,
sharing of information and provision of subsidized services.

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Keep people and their beloved pets together through equitable access to animal care information, veterinary services, community resources and supplies.


Previously underserved pets are now healthy and well. They and their people enjoy a mutually beneficial life together through connection with needed resources.

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Judgment free, compassionate, and kind service​

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in policy and practice

Continued learning: “Know Better, Do Better”

Progressive programming that is data driven and responsive to current community needs

Collaborative partnerships with community
organizations to achieve shared goals

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