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Your donation is critically important to fulfilling the mission of
Better Together Pet Resource Center.
We are raising funds to renovate a facility, purchase equipment/supplies, and hire staff. We are searching for community partners who share our vision. 


We need:

  • 1,500–3,000 square foot facility to start doing our good work. The facility can be in conjunction with another organization, onsite at a human service organization, free-standing, or in a shopping center. Having facility be donated for the first year of operation would be ideal.  

  • Heated garage to park a large mobile clinic.

If you know of such a facility or heated garage, please contact us at


$20,000 for renovation and equipping of examination room x 2

(To include otoscope, ophthalmoscope, examination table, cat scale and other supplies)

$25,000 for renovation and equipping of veterinary diagnostic laboratory

(To include microscope, centrifuge, refractometer and other supplies)

$30,000 for renovation and equipping of reception area and lobby

(To include dog scale, computers, Wi-Fi, medical record software system and other supplies)


If you or anyone you know can generously sponsor any of the above rooms, please contact us


Please help us assist animals and their people.
Your donation is greatly appreciated and will produce a positive effect in our community!

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